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Animals, like people, occasionally need blood transfusions. Both cats and dogs can experience life threatening illness or injury that they would not survive without a generous blood donation from another animal.

Some of the more common reasons are:

  • major road trauma
  • cancer
  • surgery
  • chronic disease (such as kidney disease)
  • immune mediated diseases where the blood cells are destroyed
  • toxicities, such as rat bait

At AHVEC, we are fortunate to be able to offer blood transfusions to our canine and feline patients that need them. This is because we have a bank of healthy donors, that are occasionally called upon to give a donation.

Each donor animal is given a full veterinary examination and has blood tests done to ensure all organs are functioning normally. They must be well at the time of donation, be fully vaccinated, and aged between 2 and 8 years.

Our canine donors should be over 25kg, our feline donors should be over 5kg.

All our feline donors are sedated prior to having blood taken, and some of our more nervous canine donors are also sedated. All are given plenty of cuddles and treats, and intravenous fluids to replace the volume we take.

Our aim is to make it a pleasant experience as possible, as their generous donation will save one of our patient's lives. If you think your family member is a suitable candidate to be a donor, please complete the form.

Blood donor consent form

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